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Make It Yours: WMoto Cub Classic Customization Options


Welcome to the thrilling realm of WMoto Cub Classic customization! Unleash your creativity and transform your ride into a personalized masterpiece that reflects your unique style.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into 25 exciting ways to make your WMoto Cub Classic truly yours, exploring customization options that go beyond the ordinary.

WMoto Cub Classic

Make It Yours: WMoto Cub Classic Customization Options

Embark on a journey of self-expression as we explore the diverse customization options available for your WMoto Cub Classic.

From aesthetic enhancements to performance tweaks, we've got you covered.

1. Custom Paint Jobs:

Revamp your ride with a personalized paint job that speaks volumes about your style.

From classic monochromes to vibrant patterns, the possibilities are endless.

2. Signature Decals and Stickers:

Add a touch of individuality with unique decals and stickers.

Express your personality with custom designs that set your WMoto Cub Classic apart from the rest.

3. Tailored Seat Upholstery:

Upgrade your comfort and style with a custom seat upholstery.

Choose materials, colors, and patterns that resonate with your riding preferences.

WMoto Cub Classic

4. Performance Exhaust Systems:

Enhance your bike's performance and sound with a customized exhaust system.

Experience the road with a distinctive roar that reflects your love for adventure.

5. Handlebar and Grip Customization:

Achieve the perfect grip with customized handlebars and grips.

Tailor these components for both comfort and control.

6. Unique Headlight Configurations:

Illuminate your path in style with a customized headlight setup.

Explore various configurations to give your WMoto Cub Classic a distinct appearance.

7. Personalized Number Plate Holders:

Make a statement with a personalized number plate holder.

Showcase your creativity while complying with registration requirements.

WMoto Cub Classic

8. Specialized Mirrors:

Upgrade your bike's aesthetics and functionality with unique mirror designs.

Find mirrors that blend seamlessly with your customization theme.

9. Custom Wheels and Rims:

Transform your bike's look with customized wheels and rims.

Experiment with colours and patterns to achieve the perfect combination.

10. Tail Tidy Modifications:

Streamline your bike's rear end with a tidy tail modification. Enhance the overall aesthetics while maintaining functionality.

WMoto Cub Classic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Customize My WMoto Cub Classic Without Voiding the Warranty?

Absolutely! Most customization options won't void your warranty. However, it's advisable to check with your dealer for specific details.

How Much Does a Custom Paint Job Typically Cost?

The cost varies based on the complexity of the design and the expertise of the painter. On average, it can range from RM500 to RM2000.

Are There Restrictions on Decal Sizes and Placement?

While there are no strict rules, it's recommended to avoid obstructing essential lights or registration information.

Can I Install a Custom Exhaust System Myself?

While it's possible for experienced riders, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Are Custom Wheels and Rims Street-Legal?

Yes, as long as they meet size and safety regulations. Always check local laws to ensure compliance.

Is Tail Tidy Modification Legal Everywhere?

Laws vary by location. Ensure compliance with local regulations before making modifications.


Make It Yours: WMoto Cub Classic Customization Options opens the door to a world of possibilities.

Embrace the opportunity to tailor your ride to match your personality and riding preferences.

With these 25 engaging customization ideas and FAQs, you're ready to embark on a journey of self-expression on two wheels.


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